💰Subscribe to the Bitkub Chain Developer Package

⚙️ Steps :

  1. To submit a project and get a verified badge, you must pay for a subscription first.

  2. To subscribe to a package, you will need a KDEV token, which you can get via https://console.bitkubchain.com/get-kdev or contact us via official email during the beta period at bitkubchain@bitkub.com

  1. Go to https://developers.bitkubchain.com/subscription to start your subscription by using Bitkub NEXT wallet.

  2. Select your interesting package for a subscription.

  1. Click "Subscribe" to continue the checkout process

  2. Review your connection with Bitkub NEXT wallet, KDEV Balance, and subscribe to package details. Click the "Confirm" button to continue the checkout process.

  1. After waiting for the processing on the blockchain, if checkout is successful, the system will return the Success message.

  1. You can go to https://developers.bitkubchain.com/, click on your profile, and select the menu My Subscription to view the subscription history.

Status :

  • Success: Subscription or Checkout success

  • Pending: The system is on processing; wait for the block to confirm

  • Fail: the system cannot process

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