How to delegate

Overview step on how to delegate

Step 1: Select a validator node

  1. For delegators, who would like to delegate using Bitkub NEXT or Metamask, please go to the delegating page:

How do I pick a validator node?

All validators carry a certain degree of risk. You should choose the validator that aligns with your specific purpose. Whether you prioritize a high distributed reward or low service fee percentage, it is crucial to consider your own risk and preferences.

  • Hint 1: Slashing might happen if a validator misbehaves or tries to violate the chain. To minimize the risk of unnecessary ‘reward loss’, selecting reliable validators before delegating.

  • Hint 2: Slashing does not impact the delegators' delegate amount; rather, it only affects the rewards that the delegator will receive.

1.1 Total Stake & Staking Power

The more the staking power, the more chance the validator will be picked to validate a transaction. Note that if only a small group of validators control the majority of the staking power, it could raise doubts or skepticism about the principle of decentralization.

On the other hand, choosing a validator with excessively low staking power reduces the chances of receiving distributed rewards.

Remark: We do not assume responsibility or liability for any losses that may occur during the delegation process.

1.2 Service Fee

It is a fee charged to the delegators. Some validators may start by offering zero service fees to attract new delegates, but it is important to note that these fee rates are subject to change later.

1.3 Validator Reliability

When you delegate your funds to a validator, it is important to check the validator’s ​​trustworthiness to ensure that the validator is always acting in your best interest.

1.3.1 Is the validator's good reputation publicly disclosed and no past malicious activities?

1.3.2 The amount of their own assets staked?

Step 2: Delegate to a validator node

Input the amount you want to delegate and confirm the term of the services.

Note: That pool node may have a minimum requirement for the delegated amount.

Step 3: Delegate More

  1. You can navigate to "My Delegation"

  2. or clicking on the delegate button in the same validator that you have already delegated.

  3. Click on the "Delegate More" button.

  1. Preview the number of rewards that will be received after delegating more.

  1. Input the amount of KUB you want to delegate more.

  1. Click the "Delegate more" button to Confirm to delegate more.

Remark: When you submit a "delegate more" transaction, you will receive any previous unclaimed rewards before starting to collect rewards again.

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