Update GasPrice Instruction

To update the GAS price on your RPC node on Bitkub Chain

Following node types:

  • Full Node, Archive Node -> Before 9 October 2023

  • Validator Node -> After 16 October 2023

If you own RPC Node, DApps, or a Backend for submitting transactions on Bitkub Chain. Please make sure you are using the suggested gas price from RPC or change the fixed value 500000000 (5 Gwei) to 25000000000 (25 Gwei)

Effects of not changing gas price from 500000000 (5 Gwei) to 25000000000 (25 Gwei)

  • If the Gwei is not updated on DApps or Backend after 9 October 2023

    • The system or user will receive an error message "Transaction underpriced". As a result, the transaction will not submit to the blockchain network.

  • If the Gwei is not updated on the RPC node after 16 October 2023

    • Transactions sent to your node will be pending in the memory pool on your RPC and will not make transactions to the validator node, causing the transaction to expire.

1. Update configuration

Update GasPrice manually

Edit the value of GasPrice in config.toml from 500000000 (5 Gwei) to 25000000000 (25 Gwei)

//Edit in file config.toml
GasPrice = 25000000000 // Change from GasPrice = 5000000000

PriceLimit = 25000000000 // Change from PriceLimit = 5000000000 

**A new config.toml from the official link will publish after 9 October 2023

2. Restart geth service

systemctl restart geth

3. Check the current gas price

// access to geth console
geth --exec "eth.gasPrice" attach <DATADIR>/geth.ipc

// This attribute will show you the current gas price.
// 25000000000
// The value equals 25000000000 you already changed the gas price to a new config.
// If not please recheck the following step from start again.

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