Node Requirements

A Validator is a blockchain network user who operates the node and performs the function of validating transactions sent to the Blockchain network and signing them before producing a new block as a technical feature to enable reliable transactions without a centralized management mechanism through the support of blockchain technology.

Types of Validators on Bitkub Chain

๐ŸŸข Solo Node

Solo staking on Bitkub Chain provides full participation rewards (No Delegators), and rewards depend on the subject of KUB staked. Validatorโ€™s staking power improves the network's decentralization and never requires trusting anyone else with your funds.

Those considering solo staking should have at least 10 KUB and a dedicated computer connected to the internet ~24/7 On-Cloud (Huawei) or On-premises. Some technical know-how is helpful, but easy-to-use tools now exist to help simplify this process.

In the case of Slashing, the penalty is 1% of the validator's stake amount per time. Explore more on slashing here.

๐Ÿ”ต Pool Node

Hosting your own node can be rewarding, providing additional rewards from fees and increased staking power from participating users on the delegator platform. However, it is crucial to approach this responsibility with transparency, security On-Cloud (Huawei) or On-premises, and a commitment to serving your users' interests.

To host your node, you must possess a substantial amount of KUB to meet the minimum requirement. To set up a pool node, the minimum staking is 100,000 KUB. Ensure that you have the necessary funds available to act as the initial stake for the node. A substantial stake will increase your chances of attracting more users to participate in your node.

As a pool node, you can easily config your staking fees (adjustable percentage), allowing you to collect a portion fee from a staking reward from the delegators.

In the case of Slashing, the penalty is 1,000 KUB per time. Explore more on slashing here.


This comparison table shows the difference between Solo Node and Pool Node.

RequirementsSolo NodePool Node

Initial KUB Required for the Validator

10 KUB

100,000 KUB

Minimum KUB Staking for the Delegator

No Delegators

100 KUB

Infrastructure Provider

On-Cloud (Huawei) or On-premises

On-Cloud (Huawei) or On-premises

Reward Percentage

Subjected to KUB staked and validatorโ€™s staking power

Subjected to KUB staked and validatorโ€™s staking power

Staking Fee (Commission)


Manageable (Set by Validator)


1% of the validatorโ€™s staked amount

1,000 KUB

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