Incident from chaophaya hardfork

Troubleshoot for chaophraya hardfork (PoS)

Block propagation stopped, during Chaophraya hard fork transiting at block number 14220246. We recommend all nodes run re-init the new genesis.json file

// Stop geth service
systemctl stop geth

// Download genesis.json
sudo curl --create-dirs -o "/bkc-node/mainnet/genesis.json"

// Re-initial genesis.json
geth --datadir /bkc-node/mainnet/data init /bkc-node/mainnet/genesis.json

// Start geth service
systemctl start geth

Check geth log

tail -f /var/log/syslog

In case BAD BLOCK happened

// Run geth attach
geth attach /bkc-node/mainnet/data/geth.ipc

// Call debug setHead

After running debug.setHead, the block will rollback block 14220000, and node will resync automatically.

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